Delivery of the PRODUCT is made with the Cargo Company to which the Seller is contracted. The shipping fee belongs to the Buyer for purchases of 100 TL or less; and for purchases over 100 TL, the Seller. Shipping is done as soon as possible after the PRODUCT service fee is transferred to the Seller's account. There may be delays due to force majeure, such as natural disasters. The seller delivers the PRODUCT to the cargo for delivery to the address notified by the buyer within 3 working days, provided that the requirements of the other Agreements are fulfilled after the payment of the price.

In order for the product to be shipped, a signed copy of the distant sales contract must be delivered to the Seller and the price must be paid in the buyer's preferred form of payment. If for any reason the PRODUCT fee is not paid or cancelled in the bank records, the Seller is deemed to have been freed from the obligation to deliver the PRODUCT.