Disinfectants that contain nanoparticles with germicidal effect are called Nanotechnology-based disinfectants. With sizes of less than 100 nanometers, particles remain stable in the solution without agglomerating. This fact ensures that the covered surface area is largely resulting in a high germicidal effect. The secret of success of obtaining a long-termed germicidal effect comes exactly from here.

Nanodis, composed of ionic silver nanoparticles in ethanol-based solution, is a Nanotechnology-based disinfectant that shows antibacterial / antifungal / antiviral effect in a very short time on the applied surface, prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses on it and keeps it hygienic for up to 14 days.

It is used to disinfect all kinds of surfaces safely.

Recommended usage areas;

• Personal Items: Cell Phone, Bag, Wallet, Credit Cards, Laptop, etc.

• Home-Office Surfaces: Desks, Benches, etc.

• Public Transportation, Offices and Public Areas: Buses, Taxis, Schools, Elevators, etc.

• Fabric Surfaces: Effective in all textile products up to at least 6 washes.

• Provides protection for at least 7 days on all masks including Disposable Masks.

Spray the product to cover the entire surface, then spread it with a clean cloth/napkin/sponge and let it dry.

While it prevents the adherence of the organism from coming to the surface due to its unique water repellent protective film layer, the homogeneously dispersed nano-silver ions in the coating content do not allow any microbial organism to survive. Thanks to its water-repellent feature and the film formed, its antimicrobial effect is high and its protective effect lasts long. For more information, please check out the difference from the others.

Nano silver is a mixture of silver ions with a particle size <100 nm. Due to its nano size, it is possible to interact with any microbial organism whose surface area will be much larger than itself. Since Nanodis with Nano Ionic-Silver content does not allow any microbial organisms to survive, it is a very effective disinfectant.

Silver is not classified as a heavy metal by scientific authorities and there is no proven evidence of harm to human health.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), there is no harm or limitation on the silver content in disinfectants. It has been proved by the irritation tests that the ionic nanosilver ions used by nanodis do not harm our body/skin.

Nanodis is a product for disinfecting surfaces and may not be used as a hand sanitizer. Although irritation tests have proven that nanodis surface disinfectant is safe for the body/skin, its use is limited only to surface-related applications.

There is absolutely no harm. It can be used safely on all children and animal items as it dries quickly and forms a protective film layer after spraying onto the surface.