Keep your day comfortable and safe with Nanodis' alcohol-based water repellent nanotechnological silver ion content that provides long-term effective protection.

Nanodis was developed by Nanoen in 2006, specializing in functional surface coatings and material development in areas where chemistry and material science intersect with nanotechnology.

Nanoen, which has the most patents in the field of nanotechnology in Turkey, has developed products with high added value due to numerous technologies.

EKKA nanotechnology will continue to renew itself with the application studies to be developed in nanotechnology by adopting these products as the principle of sustainable growth with its innovative vision.


As EK-KA Nanotechnology and Nanoen, we carry out multidisciplinary projects in the field of nanotechnology and produce products with high added value needed by our sector.

To contribute to the scientific and economic development of our country, to increase R&D/Industry cooperation and to ensure its expansion at the international level.